Monday, August 11, 2008

Lucky Stars

On Sunday, Maura Tierney (E.R.) gave me a big smile as she passed me on the way to her own rehearsal in the next studio over (Three Changes by Nicky Silver). She’s cute! She’s tiny! I said, “Hi, we’re your neighbors today.” Her director (I assume) growled, “Don’t expect a fruit basket.” (Donald later said he heard him yelling at the cast) I laughed and said, “They didn’t even give us a key!”

On Monday, all the actors were thrilled to see Anthony Rapp (Rent) sitting upstairs from where we were gathered after the show. On his way down the stairs we hailed him, and then I noticed his companion was Tom Cavanaugh (Ed)! I longed to go say hi and ask for a photo but I’m shy about such things.

Still, they’re all our lucky stars.

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Anonymous said...

Believe me, I wanted to go say "hi" as well...but Kris knows my behavior would have embarassed...well...everyone. So I was only allowed to admire from afar.

~!jen marie!~