Friday, January 30, 2009

SMBPR Scoop #2

The SMBPR Scoop
Greetings FOTMs, January 2009

Happy New Year! Here's an update about your favorite new non-princesses.

Two steps back, three steps foreward

If there's one thing the creative process teaches us, it's that we need to take our time. When we started writing together four years ago this May, we figured we'd be done by that December, and on Broadway the following spring. Hah! So last fall when I wrote you that we would be "forging ahead through the next two acts," well, we didn't' forge very far. There was a rewrite... but it wasn't the right rewrite... so then there was another. And now it's a whole now show!

For Christmas Kristen got a copy of Steven Schwartz's bio -- and is comforted to know that even WICKED, which seemed to burst on the world fully-formed, went through the grinding rewrites and revisions we realize we are facing over the next whatever, until opening night. (Some days, just the idea that we're doing this feels to me like "defying gravity!")
Read what's new in the story.

Together Again

Michael's relocation to New York taught us how to collaborate long-distance, but it's nothing like hanging out around a piano together! He got a gig on a new show here in the Bay Area, which means we have some time to develop all these new songs I wrote! The writing is going really well. We hope to have some new demo tunes by the end of the month.

Save the date: If all goes well, we hope to cobble together a reading on March 1st to put it the new story together for the first time. If you're in the Bay Area, write me today if you are interested in seeing it, and/or can help out, volunteer your your living room (piano required), or have an 'in' with a dark theater.

Cross Your Fingers

Between rewrites, Kristen's been writing grants and applying for festivals. We'll post any good news as it comes in. Meanwhile, Michael is applying for the graduate program in musical theater at Tisch and hopes to start there this fall. Please keep your eyes out for opportunities to develop new musicals, and please send us your good thoughts!
As our economy tanks and everything shifts around, we must remind ourselves to stay focused on our passions. Someday things will straighten out, and then... watch out, world.
Kristen Caven & Michael O'Dell

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