Monday, August 11, 2008

The Amazing Kim Chapman

It was hard selecting the cast from a remote coast and without real auditions, but I did it. I picked the people who seemed to have the strongest singing resumes, since the music will make it or break it. And I sent a really nice letter to those who I couldn’t cast.

One woman wrote back the sweetest, most enthusiastic letter, and informed me that she was obsessed with shoes and had once owned 500 pairs. A few days later it became clear we couldn’t get clearance from Equity actors (too many limitations on our production), and so I had another chance to cast Sylvia. I went straight to my new shoe buddy, Kim Chapman.

This lady is insane. In a good way. Within a few days her brain had come up with 50 ways we could approach the shoe industry and its noble members for support with and exposure to “If the Shoe Fits,” our song about choosing the right shoe for each occasion. (“When you accessorize the hemisphere below your thighs…)

To quote Ashley: “It’s good to have a friend!”

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