Thursday, June 23, 2011

Just the Right Shoe

It's always a delight when people bring me offerings. I have a basket-full of shoe-themed notepads, napkins, and cookie cutters. I love that when people see shoe tchotchkies they think of Harry's lecture to Ashley.

But nothing prepared me for the sight that beheld me when I finally stripped through the nineteen protective layers of packing tape that surrounded a custom-cut box from my amazingly creative girlfriend (and mutual muse) Rhonda Bryce.

Fourteen exquisite, tiny designer shoes, mounted on a mirror, suspended by a big, pink rose that looks just-picked. Rhonda had been dropping hints for months about a present she was making for me... the suspense finally ended when I got the most elaborately packaged surprise in the mail.

Thank you, Rhonda! Your gift sustains the spirit of this story as it waits, like a princess by the window, for some interesting change to come.

Rhonda, please enjoy the music! (There's a little link to the lyrics too.)