Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Our Musical LIVES!

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The SMBPR Scoop

Greetings Friends of the musical (FOTMs),

  January 2012

Did you wonder where we went? Did you wonder what happened to our show? Wonder no more.... it's ALIVE!

A Long Break

After we did the rewrite of The Souls of Her Feet in April, 2009, Michael and I drifted apart for a long, long time. He went on tour with a big show. I wrote two books about my former cartooning career. After a long and awkward estrangement, we reunited last December, and have been loving our collaboration! The first song we're re-writing is "A Girl Like Me," formerly the "Can't-Go-To-Prom Blues," which was the first song Michael ever wrote, to get the job, in 2005. It's a beautiful evolution, and now shows Ashley's inner struggle in a much more moving way, as she decides to take a chance and go to the prom. (You'll get to hear it soon if you are signed up on our blog.) >>>>

The Big Shoe Project

Kristen is trying to talk to local high school theaters about doing scenes and songs in collaboration with other schools. A year or so down the road, there could be a really fun community project taking shape. Meanwhile, full horizMichael, who now plays a red piano on the Boulder Mall, is scoping out voice talent in Colorado to make recordings.

The Book

Every musical has a book, but ours has more than one. Kristen, who works in publishing, is working on a novelization of the story that will be available some time this year, Godesss willing.

Calling All SMBPR Alums

Have you worked on the musical, either as an actor or a volunteer? Do you have a Facebook page? Please post a link to it on our Facebook Page - and let us "like" your page. As your career gains momentum, so does this project - and it helps us all to stay connected. I recently touched base with Sherry Vine (a.k.a. Keith Levy, who played Harry in New York), who is now Lady Gaga's worst nightmare. Meanwhile, did anyone catch Jen Ponton (narrator in New York) on 30 Rock? ("Fraaazerrrr!") cavenodellOr Brian Yates Sharber (original Demo recordings) as the Gay Man in Milk? It's fun to see what everyone's doing with their careers. 'Like' our page and check back for links!

Thanks for being in our cult!
Here's to an amazing 2012

Kristen Caven & Michael O'Dell

Singin' on the Blog

We'll be doing fewer newsletters from now on (what's 'fewer' than one ever three years, you ask? Good point...) and putting our announcements on the SMBPR blog.

If you get an email from Blogspot, it's because I've signed you up to the email feed. Please opt in if you want to stay in touch!

Artistic Support

I got the most amazing thing in the mail last fall. Friend of the Musical (FOTM) Rhonda Bryce sent this gorgeous assemblage, covered with over a dozen examples of Just the Right Shoe, who started making their collectibles the year after I wrote the first draft of the song. (Hmmm.... merchandise tie-in??)

SOMEDAY... there will be a viral video of our shoe song... and everyone will be just this obsessed!

A Little 'Bitch'

Reply to this email if you'd like a sneak peek of a silly little video (of me playing with singing dolls) from a musical theater workshop.

Picture 6

"purify the aaaiiiiirrrr!"

(coming soon to YouTube!)

You never know where a new pair of shoes will take you....

© Kristen Caven 2012 Creative Commons License

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