Monday, August 11, 2008

It’s Her Story Now!

“Well, it wasn’t quite cotillion, but tonight our big debut was just a glorious beginning to all we get to do!” — Harry

Somehow we made it! We managed to squeeze in extra rehearsals, pass out all of our extra tickets, transport the t-shirts from uptown within one hour and under $35, seat our audience and start the show on time.

I sat at the side so I could watch the audience watch the show, and I loved what I saw on their faces. On some, rapture, the whole way through. On some, skepticism that turned into big laughs. Some moments caused eyelids to slide south; some moments brought everyone to the edges of their seats.

It worked. The wheels stayed on. Even with the lost lines, late entrances, missed keys and mumbled words to be expected with such a short rehearsal of such a rich little piece (they hardly mattered in the moment —unfortunately they stand out on the video!), it held together. It rocked. It soared. It twinkled. Dina as Donna and Roger as the Heckler stole the show in spots, but Sherry as Harry took control and sang the place up like only he/she could.

The audience was great. Friends coming out of the woodwork, strangers appearing off the street. There were fewer people in seats than there were on stage, but we did two performances, and 32 people seemed to think it was great. We raffled off two new pairs of Bandolino Shoes! (Thank you, Kim!)

Afterwards, a reckoning. It could be improved. Some good advice about marketing from Kevin (I’ll save you $120,000 on an education from Tisch: know the audience you are trying to reach). Some wonderful brainstorming with Michael. (“Hey, let’s let Ashley IM her friends;” “Why is Sylvia such a bitch?”) A day or two of staring at the wall. Staring at the bank account. And then the new ideas start trickling in...

What's next? Maybe a music video of the shoe song with Sherry Vine. Maybe an appearance at the national shoe conventions...Kim is out there shoe-moozing! And for me...rewrites!

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