Monday, February 22, 2016

Interview: On Creative Adaptation

In Beth Barany's weekly live #askaWritingCoach chat on BLAB, she interviewed me about adaptation of creative works into different media.
It was great to have a chance to sit down and think through how many media The Souls of Her Feet has morphed through in its long development. (As the first in a trilogy!)
1Working with it, I feel I should have gained a master's degree in adaptations: the story was been worked through the structures of a graphic novel, an opera, a musical,a screenplay, a blook (blogged book), and an interactive ebook on its way to being published as a novel.
In this interview I talk about the challenges of working cross-platform and the joys of creative exploration, collaboration, and conversation.
I gave away a copy of one of Perfectly Revolting and Beth gave away digital copies of her books to listeners who asked questions.  Thank you, Beth! Great time!

Watch the Interview