Tuesday, September 30, 2008

SMBPR Scoop #1

The SMBPR Scoop
Greetings {FIRST_NAME}, September 2008

"Well, it wasn't quite cotillion, but tonight our big debut was just a glorious beginning of all we get to do!" —Harry

NY Debut a Success!

We are so pleased to report that last month's New York debut was a great success! An exhausting week of casting paid off with a high-spirited and talented volunteer team, including drag superstar Sherry Vine to originate the roll of Harry. (You may have seen "her" on a recent Project Runway show) We hired a handful of professional musicians and an up-and-coming director to steer the show to its highest potential.
Still, we flew by the seats of our pants (I love that metaphor!), with only one rehearsal, and for everything that could have gone wrong, it all somehow went right! Can you imagine a Broadway-style chorus in a teeny, tiny room 2 blocks from Times Square? Well,
"Honey, you need to VISUALIZE!" (Click for scenes from the show.)
Seeing the audience respond to the drama and the jokes was priceless! Here is some of the feedback we got:
  • "Funny without being offensive or vulgar"
  • "The music is amazing!" "jazzy underscoring"
  • "The characters are funny and relatable, and there really is something for everyone, regardless of sex, age or gender." 
  • "Campy without being too over the top."
  • "The most entertaining Fairy Godmother in the history of fairy tales!"
We were also able to narrow down our target audience:
  • Girls between 14 and 20 and their families.
  • Anyone who liked Wicked, Legally Blond, Hairspray, or Xanadu. 
  • Fans of twisted classics
  • Gay audiences (in both senses of the word), and
  • Shoe-obsessed women.
Perhaps the greatest thing about this experience was discovering ways to make SOULS even stronger. This fall, we will beworking on a rewrite and forging ahead with the rest of the show, including act two, Mirror Imag(in)e and act three, The Number the Beast. She is also applying for grants and looking for arts partnerships to help get the show to the next phase.
In the meantime, if you'd like to help support this production (we're still paying off our credit cards), our Souls-of-Her-Feet t-shirts are a great way to show your support! (The pre-teen girls in your life can even wear the g-rated version to school.)
A very special thank you goes out to everyone who helped make our debut possible--you know who you are and we love you!!! We'll write when there's more to report.
Kristen Caven & Michael O'Dell

Show "Biz"

We are still selling t-shirts to pay for our director, band, and venue!
We still need to sell 22 shirts!
Can you help out?
If you are in the Bay Area and would like a white heart print shirt, please call 510-534-1415.
To purchase another design or color from anywhere,         CLICK HERE!

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In Other News

On 9/11/08, Michael premiered his BRAND new 10-minute musical, American Bombshell, for the U.S.-ification of America Conference Festival at Center Stage in NYC!

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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Scenes from the Show

"Imagine, if you will..."
(once upon a time!!)
(Jen Ponton)

"Too bad you can't go to pro-om!"
(Juliana Marx, Cassandra Bodzak, Dina Plotch)

(Juliana Marx, Keith Levy)

(Juliana, Keith)

(Juliana, Keith)


"Honey, you need to VISUALIZE!"
(Juliana, Keith)

"Lick my toes?!" "Yes. Lick. Your. Toes."
(Juliana, Keith)

"Shoe clip" (clip of the shoe song)

"I pick...you."
(Juliana, Cassandra, Dina, Robert Kalman, Alex McCorvey)

"You mean... we're not POPULAR?"
(Robert, Susan Neuffer, Cassandra, Dina)

"We'll have parties, showers, dare I dream..."
(Robert, Susan Neuffer, Cassandra, Dina)

"Big Finish"

Want to see the whole darn thing?