Monday, August 11, 2008

Musical Directors (as in Musical Chairs)

I woke up last Monday determined to find a rehearsal space. (We never found the FREE rehearsal space we were hoping to find, but not for lack of trying, especially on the part of KIM.) I called to see if we could rehearse in our (not expensive but still more than we had) performance space, the North Studio of Playwright’s Horizons. While checking my email for a response, I found a message from Eric Neiman, our director, backing out of the project.

Michael, at this time, was on a flight from Florida to Vermont. I asked Eric to recommend another director, and he sent a few names. A few hours later, I was close to tears, trying to track down these new people, when I got a call from one Marc Murai. He would do it. He was delighted. I liked him. I was thrilled. Michael beeped in. He had just secured Eric Morales, a director whom he knows and holds in the highest regard. One… none… now TWO! I burst out in tears from relief. Let it be!

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