Monday, August 11, 2008

Cast Complete!

Narrator.....Jen Ponton (replacing George Adamo)
Ashley.....Juliana Marx
Donna.....Dina Plotch
Debra.....Cassandra Bodzak (replacing Sarah Packard)
Sylvia.....Susan Neuffer (replacing Kim Chapman)
Harry.....Keith Levy (a.k.a. Sherry Vine)
Jeff.....Blake McCorvey
Coach.....Robert Kalman
Heckler.....Roger Wingfield

Chorus (Understudies)
Kerri Ford (Ashley), Jen Ponton (Ashley), Giancarla Boyle (Donna), Joanna Schubert (Debra), Alex Beck (Jeff), Roger Wingfield (Coach) JenMarie Pierce, Kris Doubles

“Midnight Mouse”

Piano.....Michael O’Dell, Jess Stewart
Bass.....Brian Holtz
Drums.....Rossen Nedelchev

Other Talents

Sound Effects.....Kris Doubles
Page-turning Specialist.....JenMarie Pierce
Production Assistant.....Cesar Salazar
Raffle/Fundraising.....Kristen Caven, Kim Chapman
Cashier.....Donald Caven
Music Preparation.....Blank Canvas Music

Alex Beck is an actor/director who will be playing Sylvia Plath’s daughter in the upcoming NY Fringe Fest production of Ariel View.
Cassandra Bodzak, even though she seems like a nice girl, played Coochie Snorcher in The Vagina Monologues and lots of indie films.
Giancarla Boyle recently got off tour with Seussical!, and is our resident Lucky Yoga Goddess.
Donald Caven loves cars and would rather play with Legos than attend musical theater.
Kristen Caven can’t even begin to express her surprise and pleasure at seeing her opus performed for the first time. (Her other works still languish at She would like to thank Michael for his vision and hard work, her parents, Dave for his elaborate trusswork of support, and Jenny for getting her to New York.
Kim Chapman’s first stage role was as a Japanese Sleeping Beauty. She’s worked as a shoe model, and once actually owned over 500 pairs of shoes.
Kris Doubles fell under a spell a few years back that transported him from his worn-out Broadway seat to the stage, where he went Into the Woods and to Urinetown.
Kerri Ford is famous for her talent, spirit, and sparkle, which you can soak up more of by visiting her website,
Robert Kalman learned about coaching in DiMaggio and laid down the law as Thomas Jefferson in 1776.
Juliana Marx is a singer/songwriter/poetist.who has acted in lots of things but lately has been bouncing off kids at Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls. Watch for her auto-semi-biography, coming out in ten years.
Blake McCorvey left the comforts of the Six Flags Fiesta Texas stage to pursue his talents in New York, like fencing, sewing, doing the splits, and “blizzard” sounds.
Kevin Morales is a famous director in San Francisco’s East Bay, who’s also written 8 staged plays. Starting this fall, he will be producing his musical hit, Let’s Go to the Movies Off-Broadway.
Susan Neuffer played a nasty red-tape bureaucrat on Law and Order, but she also sang in an all-girl rock band way back when.
Michael O’Dell arranged and conducted nearly 100 shows before trying on and breaking in SHOES. Later this month he’ll be working on Becoming Britney at the the NYCFringe Festival. Michael thanks Kristen for her patience, Eric for saying no, Kevin for saying yes, Toi Lynn Wyle and Carroll Schuller for their insights, and his family for their love and support in encouraging him to find his bliss.
JenMarie Pierce is a karaoke superstar and has played a snake, a transvestite, and a maenad. Ask JenMarie about Tupperware™!
Dina Plotch, well known in the musical fairy tale community, has always dreamed of playing the ugly stepsister. Recent credits include; a toad, a dwarf, and a dalmation. Thanks to Mom, Dad, Bro and Boyfriend for always wishing upon a star".
Jen Ponton is a working actor, and that in and of itself is a fairy tale come true!!! Hire her for your musical or high-paying film at:
Cesar Salazar A New Jersey resident with a worse attitude than a New Yorker, Cesar hopes to astonish the world and dazzle directors with his acting skills.
Joanna Schubert is barely legal, but she’s already played a prostitute, a robot, and Rizzo in Grease, as well as Blanche in A Streetcar Named Desire.
Roger Wingfield played Jesus Christ and can burp on command.
Keith Levy was raised by a very nice Amish family before running away to Las Vegas to become a showgirl. Now, “Sherry Vine” is a NYC downtown darling and a world-renowned drag superstar. SEE HER SHOW!

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