Sunday, April 21, 2013

Put your feet together for: The Souls of Her Feet! (Spring Cobbler #3)

What if Cinderella didn't have dainty little feet? What if Cinderella's fairy godmother was... kind of a drag? What if Cinderella actually found her voice?

The Souls of Her Feet launched today!

Friends of the musical (FOTMs), I'm so very excited to invite you to read The Souls of Her Feet on your kindlekobo reader, or iPad! Heck, you can even read it on your computer, no matter what brand!

tsohf-M-promo(Secret hint - ONE of the links above has the price wrong... and if you've got that reader, you can download the book for FREE this week until it is fixed!)

Did you notice there are THREE covers? That's because there are THREE versions. (I can't do anything simply, can I?)

The Souls of Her Feet (a musical cinderella)

tsohf-N-promoIf you enjoyed reading the blook online, you will be delighted to find Ashley's story entwined with the musical-making subplot in a complementary and enticing design

You'll love pushing the buttons to play the songs (all music by Michael O'Dell), watch the videos (including some great new ones), and finding the pop-up surprises.

The Souls of Her Feet (a novel cinderella)

My super-cool editor convinced me to publish a version with just Ashley's story, which she (yay) thought was very strong and wonderful. Lucky thing, because I could only publish the bells-and-whistles version for the iPad. The 'novel' version, very shortly, be available everywhere!
Blook cover
Anyone who donates $20 or more to the musical gets a physical copy of the book—not available anywhere else! Can you pitch in and help us reach our goal of $2,500 in the next 30 days? We're working hard at this! Michael even went out and shoveled snow for donations, god bless him. We need more love!

Here are some of the other perks for the campaign:
- get a free ebook!
- we'll donate 5 pairs of shoes donated in your name
- a shoe on a shirt
- a jingle written JUST FOR YOU
- a magic tchotchky
- the undying love of the creators (you know it's true!)

I priced the ebook low ($2.99 and $5.99) to make it easy for everyone to buy it. I would love to hear your thoughts — please read and write a review! The more ratings the book gets, the better our chances for world domination and all that. I'll be doing lots of book giveaways this month, so let me know if you want to get one for free and I'll try to send word your way.

Thanks for your encouragement toward this very big step! 


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