Thursday, June 26, 2008

Staged Reading: August 4th, NYC

Good news!

We are planning a staged reading of the first play in this trilogy in Manhattan ("on the fringes of the Fringe Festival") on Monday, August 4th. What we will need to do this, (with no budget), are:
• A venue, whether a theater, an auditorium, a conference room or a living room. (around 7-9 Monday evening)
• A rehearsal space for Sunday afternoon (3 hours)
• A director
• 10-12 actors who can sing the following roles:
- ASHLEY, a sweet but stressed-out high-school senior (singing)
- DEBRA and DONNA, her snarky stepsisters
- SYLVIA, her bitchy stepmother
- HARRY, her "Fairy" Godfather/mother/whatever (singing/pontificating)
- JEFF PRINCE, a high-school senior (singing)
- COACH PUPKIN, the squash coach

If you know of anyone in New York Area who might like to participate in this fun project, would you please let them know about us? We are especially looking for actors who are professional but need resume experience. (i.e. are great but can do this for free.)

Also on our wishlist:
• Access to people who could potentially help us (we think Sarah Jessica Parker or Cynthia Nixon might LOOOOVE the big shoe number… or maybe corporate sponsorship from Manolo Blahnik or Nancy Ganz?)
• Producers, agents, angels, managers,—potential partners who make things happen!
• Suggestions for festivals/competitions for musical comedies/romances
• Grant funding for writing the next 2 installments in the trilogy

Please visit our website to learn more! (You can support our cause by signing up for the mailing list, commenting on this blog, and buying the t-shirt!)

Thanks for your support and encouragement!

Kristen Caven
and (the amazing, talented) Michael O'Dell

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